I purchased my first property while I was living check to check with a family of 4. We had over $30k in debt. Using our income tax, we purchased our first investment property. I took an entire month’s salary to fix up the property while my family and I lived off of the bare minimum for food and shelter. So, there are absolutely no excuses I am currently accepting on why you haven’t begun investing.

I have been inundated with reasons why people are not able to invest, and I have finally created the cure to your excuses. The formula and steps that I have set before you can take ANYONE and I mean ANYONE from a consumer to an investor. I will show you how to find the money you have convinced yourself you don’t have. I will show you how to identify your freedom number and create a clear path on how you can get there. More importantly, I am going to shift your mindset to view the world in which you live in an incredible new way.

Shift your mindset

Poverty is not a bank account balance, it’s a way of life.

Simply put, it’s not your net worth that dictates your financial status, it’s your mindset. All you will see are possibilities and not hurdles. All you will have are opportunities and not impediments.

I was created to break generational curses. Allow me to do what I was put on this earth to do.


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Terrica Lynn Smith © 2022 All Rights Reserved.
Terrica Lynn Smith © 2022 All Rights Reserved.