Chain Breaker

I’m unapologetic about breaking generational curses

I am a living miracle! With everything that has happened to me, there is no way I should stand before you a successful real estate investor, a national mentor and a business owner… but, I do. I had no successful marriage to witness, yet I have been happily married for over a decade. I had nothing close to a normal childhood, yet I have raised 4 beautiful children who flourish and travel the world with me. I grew up so impoverished, my sisters and I would eat grass from the front yard; yet I stand before you now a multi millionaire. I am a chain breaker and I will not tolerate chains in your life, I am Terrica Lynn Smith, and I was put on this Earth by God to set people free.

Let’s have some fun!

The generational wealth building board game

The way to break generational curses is to make wealth a part of your family culture. You must think of your family not as your immediate family but as your bloodline for the next 100 years. THAT is how you win! THAT is how you lead! THAT is how to protect your family!

The best way to incorporate this knowledge is to have fun with it. So, we did it for you in our new board game. Order now for your family and friends for the gift that keeps on giving… for the next 100 years!

I’m Terrica Lynn Smith

At the young age of 5, I was sold by my mother to her drug dealer to pay a debt. My innocence was used as currency.

This began a childhood riddled with abuse, neglect, poverty, and unstable foster homes that eventually led to me being a teen mom sleeping under a bridge in New Orleans. But under that same bridge where I had my lowest point, I also had my breakthrough. I made a promise to my son that I would do everything in my power to create a life that I had never seen before. Under that bridge I took my life back.



Many years ago I realized my story could not be told in a short conversation. I could not explain the complexities in an hour presentation. The layers of my life that made me who I am today are best described by me. If you want to be inspired to win, and to also know that regardless of the circumstances you began with has absolutely no control of how you finish, then please read the Terrica Lynn Smith story, ‘Frightened, Scared, and Alone No More.’


You want to invest… set your family on the path to financial freedom, but you are currently living check to check. If you do have overflow in your monthly income, you definitely don’t feel like it’s enough to make a down payment on a property. This is where I find most people. I created this course after countless mentoring sessions and I can show ANYONE where to find the money in their current budget to start investing NOW!

I share truths for a living

I bring storytelling, knowledge, and freedom

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Terrica Lynn Smith © 2022 All Rights Reserved.